Dad Not Looking Forward To Sitting At The Kids Table At The Family Christmas Lunch

A local hero and Dad announced today he is not looking forward to sitting at the kids table from hell at his family Christmas lunch.

Jack Manboy said “Our table only holds eight adults and there’s nine of us and 4 kids. My wife has never volunteered to sit with the kids. This is my damn house, why the heck do I have to sit there?”

Mr Manboy tried asking other members of the family to sit at the kids table but they refused. My brother Geoff won’t sit there even though he’s single and Uncle Jeff is too tall and can’t fit.”

“I just wish the kids were capable of adult conversations. Last year the kids were asking me what I was doing there. I mean how many times can you have conversations about Paw Patrol or Fortnite?”

Mr Manboy has contimplated just sitting on the couch “I was planning on just sitting on the couch with a TV tray but the darl won’t let me.”

Mr Manboy is looking to join another family next Christmas or just ordering Maccas.

The Bendigo Standard
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