Nosey Nelly’s Take A Stickybeak at Lake Eppalock Spillway

For the first time in six years, Lake Eppalock has started spilling over, and local tourists couldn’t be more excited.

“Geez, she’s pretty full,” Francis Connery said.

Laura Knotts spoke exclusively to The Bendigo Standard, “I haven’t seen a spill that big since Scomo tripped over that kid playing soccer!”

The level is over 120% capacity, with more rain due later this week.

Amanda Beans from Strath asked her partner when she returned to the car, “Have you seen the spill? I just uploaded 10 million photos of the spillway on Facebook. Wanna look?”

Local Grim Boxley said, “Good luck finding that stolen car I drove in there two weeks ago. Wait, did I say that out loud?”

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