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Locals Believe Building In The Upside Down Could Help Aleviate Housing Crisis

Australia is in the grips of a housing crisis, with insanely ridiculous rents forcing families to move back in with their parents or search for other accommodations.

Blue Listerine told The Bendigo Standard “I tried living in the Bunnings outdoor living department during lockdown but kept getting visitors.”

“$450 a week for a 3 bedroom house in Huntly! Are you f$#@ing kidding me? That’s more than my mortgage” said Kate Brush-Cutter from Golden Square. “I feel like I’m in a renter’s version of The Squid Game. I’m only one Red Light away from being homeless.”

“How do you expect people in their early 20s to afford their first rental?” Willow Beans from Eaglehawk asked. “At this rate, my kids will be living at home until their 50s. My partner and I need our alone time.”

Local citizens have suggested building homes in the Upside Down, an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world.

“The upside down would be great. Look how much room there is?” Concerned local Darcy O’Queef said. “Sure there’s a mind flayer and a buttload of Demogorgons, but hey, it’s dirt cheap dirt real estate.”

“Who wouldn’t want to live in Bendigo back in the 80’s?”

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