Mario Wonders How Luigi Can Afford A Haunted Mansion In Bendigo On A Plumbers Salary

Mario, the famous Italian plumber and video game icon, expressed his bewilderment today at how his brother Luigi purchased a luxurious haunted mansion in Bendigo on a modest plumber’s salary.

In an interview with The Bendigo Standard, Mario expressed his disbelief that his brother, who he claimed couldn’t even fix a leaky faucet without causing a flood, could afford such a lavish property.

“I mean, come on, he’s a plumber. How much could he possibly be making?” Mario said. “Have you seen the house prices around here? It just doesn’t add up.”

Mario went on to speculate that his brother must have got compo from injuries sustained in Super Smash Bros to afford such an extravagant property.

“I know that Luigi’s not very good at saving money,” Mario said. “He orders pizza nearly every night. So how is he affording this place? It’s a mystery to me.”

The haunted mansion in question is said to be over 100 years old and is rumoured to be haunted by the ghosts of its former residents. The Strath property boasts numerous bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and a large ballroom with a grand piano.

When reached for comment, Luigi refused to disclose how he managed to purchase the property, citing “financial privacy” concerns.

“I don’t see why it’s anyone’s business how I afford my home,” Luigi said.

Despite Luigi’s reticence, rumours swirl around Bendigo about how a humble plumber could afford such a luxurious property. Some have even speculated that Luigi may be racing go-karts for pink slips or selling mushrooms.

The mystery of how Luigi managed to afford his haunted mansion remains unsolved. But one thing’s for sure: Mario is jealous.

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