Most Complicated Hopscotch Ever Produced

“You see you jump there, and skip there, and move over there, then hop back to here, and that’s if you land on a purple,” said Rudy Davis, 6, of Strathdale.

Chalk games on footpaths have changed a lot since the time before isolation.

“Oh yeah, when I was a kid we used to just watch TV, but now Mum wants us to play outside as much as possible and use our imagination, or ‘Mind TV’ as she calls it, ” said the six-year-old.

An active imagination of those in isolation has already given the world King Lear and many Tik Tok dances, so it makes sense that new sports will rise up also.

“It started as a pattern see, the yellow and blue and red, and then my brother Billy started stepping on it, and I got quite cross and told him ‘No, Billy, you duffer, you mustn’t step on my drawing, Mum said you weren’t allowed’ and he said, ‘Oh Ruby it’s all over the footpath. Where can I step?” and I said ‘Well step there’ and pointed at a blue circle, and he stepped there, and I said ‘Step there’ and he went onto the red circle, and I said ‘Step there’ and he went onto another blue circle, and, oh, you’re a smarty, you get the idea. So we sort of made it up from there until he feel over laughing,” said Ms Davis.

Kids today huh?

The end.

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