Eaglehawk Town Hall To Be Demolished For A Costco

Bendigo Council has announced plans to demolish the Eaglehawk Town Hall and make way for Bendigo’s first Costco.

The decades old building home to Star Cinema, screened its final movie BMX Bandits last night after 120 consecutive days.

The Bendigo Council believed people would rather buy a years supply of toilet paper or milk than sit in comfy chairs and watch classic movies on the big screen they had already seen before.

Upon hearing the news, 86 year old Eaglehawkian Meryl Scrapton said “But they just got new couches. What’s going to happen to the couches? Will someone please think of the couches?”

In the 1950s, the Town Hall would pack in about 2000 people to watch movies of yesteryear, but over time they couldn’t meet the demands of an aging building.

In June, Bendigo city council voted to demolish the building and rezone the land for an eight-to nine-storey condo building, with townhouse style but the council received a better offer from Costco. It will also be the only one in Victoria outside of Melbourne.

The new Eaglehawk Costco is due to be opened in the second half of 2019.

The cannon will be removed and placed in at the playground in Hargreaves Mall in full working order. It’s unsure if it will be pointing at Ballarat or Shepparton.

Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook poll where you would like to see the cannon point.

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