Sovereign Hill Historical Reenactor Devastated to Learn That World Has Moved on From Bowler Hats

A Sovereign Hill employee has been left devastated and disoriented upon discovering that the bowler hat, once the pinnacle of headwear fashion, has not only fallen out of style but has been virtually obsolete for decades.

Reginald P. Farnsworth, a dedicated historical reenactor and budding blacksmith, has spent the last 30 years perfecting his bowler hat collection and adjusting the brim to achieve the perfect angle.

The revelation came to light when Farnsworth visited a local haberdashery, where he was informed by a sales associate that bowler hats had been replaced by snapbacks, beanies, and—horror of horrors—bucket hats.

“Suddenly, I noticed individuals donning baseball caps and beanies,” said Farnsworth, adjusting his monocle. “I thought the bowler hat would always reign supreme. I mean, who wouldn’t want a classy and ageless piece of headwear that says, ‘I’m a distinguished gentleman of the 19th century?'”

Farnsworth’s colleagues have expressed concern for his well-being, as he has been seen wandering the historic park mumbling about the golden age of top hats and cursing the name of the inventor of the snapback.

The Bendigo Standard
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