Railway Station Declares Independence, Demands Recognition as Micronation of Eshaylandia

Bendigo Railway Station declared itself an independent micronation today, proudly dubbing its newfound sovereignty “Eshaylandia.” The newly self-proclaimed nation has unveiled its flag – a durry crossed with a pair of Nike TNs.

Despite the scepticism surrounding Eshaylandia’s independence, the micronation has wasted no time establishing its presence. Eshaylandia’s founding document, scrawled on the back of a pizza box, declares the railway platform its sacred territory.

The new nation has already introduced its currency, “VapeCoins”, and is working on creating a national anthem, rumoured to be a remix of popular hip-hop tracks with eshay-themed lyrics.

The response has been a mix of confusion and amusement. Meanwhile, Eshaylandia’s residents seem unfazed, continuing to perfect their kickflips and graffiti skills.

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