Driver Films OnlyFans on Talking Tram Tour

Tourists were in for a surprise yesterday when the popular Talking Tram Tour driver was caught filming content for her OnlyFans while operating the vehicle.

According to witnesses, the driver, who has chosen to remain anonymous, held up her phone and recorded herself as she gave a “sexy” commentary on the city’s landmarks and history.

“I can’t believe this. I thought this was a family-friendly tour,” said one passenger. “I can’t unsee the image of that woman in uniform whispering dirty things into her phone.”

Bendigo Tramways, however, has defended the driver’s actions, stating that they are “just trying to make a little extra money on the side.”

“We understand that this may have been uncomfortable for some passengers, but our driver is entitled to do whatever she wants in her free time,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Besides, who doesn’t love a bit of excitement on their tour?”

The driver has since deleted the OnlyFans account and apologised, but the damage has been done to many riders, who say they will never retake the tour.

As for Bendigo Tramways, they have yet to decide if the driver will lose her job, but they still believe in the principle of live and let live.

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