Man Declares Victory in the Correct Way to Pronounce ‘Ulumbarra’

Dave Henderson declared an unprecedented victory in an argument destined to outlast time itself: the correct pronunciation of “Ulumbarra.” Witnesses report that the man, fueled by liquid courage and an unwavering conviction in his linguistic prowess, silenced sceptics.

“It’s ‘U-lum-bra,’. No more debates. I’ve settled it once and for all.”

“I thought it was pronounced ‘U-lum-bar-ra’,” responded one guy.

“Give it a bone, will ya?” said Henderson.

“Are you sure it’s not ‘oo-lum-bah-rah’?” another mate replied.

Henderson remained persistent, leaving his mates amused.

“Now you’re just being stupid”, Dave said, getting up to leave. “You’re both wrong.”

In the meantime, locals are bracing themselves for the inevitable resurgence of the age-old debate over the correct way to pronounce “gyro” at the local kebab shop.

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