Local Man Gets Life Advice From A Maccas French Fry Giving A Thumbs Up

A local man has a new lease on life after discovering a french fry in the Epsom McDonald’s in the shape of a thumbs up.

John Jeremy from Strath Heights said “I used to be a loser and now look at me. I’m a winner. I’m looking to the fry now for guidance. It’s my Tony Robbins if he was 2 inches tall.”

The Macca’s fry has already paid off for Mr Jeremy “I was wondering if I should go see Elton John in Melbourne and the french fry gave a thumbs up so I did. I was able to score second-row seats. They’re not front row but still pretty good. You can’t expect too much from a fry.”

“You’ve gotta go out and grab life by the fries, even if they have extra salt on them,” he said.

Last week Mr Jeremy quit his full-time job to follow the teachings of his fry. He is in the process of opening The Church of the Holy Potato in Golden Square.

“The potato was sent to us in chip form. We need to look to the chip and follow its teachings so when we die we can go to the giant takeaway shop in the sky” Mr Jeremy said.

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