Bendigo Mallrats Arrested For Being Polite

A group of 20 teenagers were arrested for being polite in the Hargreaves Mall today.

The kids aged between 13-18 were being sociable and polite when a citizens arrest was made.

86 year old Grandmother Martha Gertrude was disgusted by the incident “They are supposed to be unruly but all they did was help me carry my shopping to the car. I dropped my mobile phone and another young person picked it up and gave it to me and even offered to fix it. Who does that?”

68-year-old John Stoops said “They’re making our mall look bad.”

“Even the hoons were polite and courteous while we were crossing the street. They didn’t rev their engine once” said 98-year-old Beryl Millott. “One of them got out of their car and helped me cross the road.”

Each of the teenagers has been ordered to do 200 hours of community service.

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