Bunnings To Put The Bizzle In Deconstructed Sausage Sizzles

The Saturday morning tradition of a Bunnings snag is about to become much easier. From today Bunnings will show its support to local community groups and farmers by offering deconstructed sausage sizzles.

Each person who buys a sausage in bread will be able to see exactly where their food comes from with a live cow at every sausage sizzle. You will witness the meat come straight from the cow and grow your own tomatoes and onions.

Bunnings Marketing Executive Grace Feelgood said “This is about showing kids that their food doesn’t magically come from a supermarket. There are actually real farmers providing their food. Sure it might take three to four months to grow onions and tomatoes, but the look on kids faces will be worth it.”

Each week kids will have the chance each week to name the cow before its cooked in front of you at every store around the country.

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