Study Finds 99% of Valentine’s Day Cards Are Written by Googling Romantic Phrases

Groundbreaking research conducted by the Eaglehawk Institute of Romance has discovered that 99% of Valentine’s Day cards are penned by individuals who shamelessly resort to a trusty Google search for “romantic phrases.” The study reveals a lack of originality in expressions of love, with heartfelt sentiments often reduced to mere algorithms.

Experts suggest that the era of genuine, heartfelt messages may end, replaced by the convenience of search engines and copy-paste enthusiasts. “Why rack your brain for poetic words when Google can curate the perfect love note for you?” quipped Dr Amorous Wit, lead researcher at the institute.

The findings have sparked Hallmark’s concern, fearing redundancy as lovers opt for pre-packaged emotions. In response, some card manufacturers consider adding a disclaimer: “This card may contain sentiments recycled from the vast realms of the internet.”

The study serves as a poignant reminder that perhaps love, like a well-crafted card, deserves more than a quick search and a CTRL+C, CTRL+V.

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