Liberal Party’s Sam Gayed to play the Invisible Man in movie reboot

‘Universal Studios in negotiations with Liberal candidate for Invisible Man movie role’. Bendigo’s own Sam Gayed, Liberal Party candidate for the upcoming election, is in advanced contract negotiations to play the Invisible Man in a remake of the 1933 classic.

“We have been super impressed with Sam’s audition during this election campaign, says Universal CEO, Chester Vaughan. Anyone that can create such a high profile without anyone actually seeing them, is a perfect fit for our next blockbuster franchise.

Sam Gayed may or may not have attended today’s press conference, however, he did release a statement declaring how proud he would be to represent the invisible community if given the opportunity and promised to consider every superhero role ever portrayed and beat it by 10%.

“I’ve never seen him in public, only on the ads. I thought he was a myth.” said one voter.

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