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Wife Reminds Husband It’s Hot For The 50 Millionth Time

In what can only be described as a groundbreaking achievement, Maiden Gully woman Sarah Jefferson has reportedly reminded her husband for the 50 millionth time that it’s hot outside.

According to sources close to the couple, Sarah took it upon herself to inform her husband of this groundbreaking news while they were sitting on the couch, sweat dripping down their foreheads, and the air conditioning blasting at full capacity.

“I just wanted to make sure he was aware of the heat,” Sarah reportedly said, as if her husband was living under a rock and had never experienced summer before.

The husband, whose name has been redacted for privacy reasons, reportedly nodded in agreement, as he’s been conditioned to do after years of being reminded of the temperature. “Yes, dear,” he reportedly replied, adding that he was grateful for his wife’s meteorological updates.

While some may view Sarah’s reminder as unnecessary, she stands firm in her belief that it’s important to keep her husband informed. “I just want to make sure he’s comfortable,” she said, adding that she’ll continue to remind him of the heat until the end of time.

At press time, Sarah was seen searching for her 50 millionth trophy to commemorate her achievement, while her husband was busy trying to find a way to escape the heat and his wife’s constant reminders.

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