Milk Prices Set to Soar: Industry Insider Says

Milk availability has been questioned in recent weeks.

However the Bendigo Standard has come across a supplier who says that availability is not an issue.

“Milk? I can get you milk -sniff-. What kind of milk do you want man? -sniff- What kind do you want?” said Mr. Hey-You-Can’t-Print-My-Name-Dude.

“I got Full Cream, Half Cream, Light, Skim, Low Fat, a2, all permeate free man, none cut with that permeate stuff. None -sniff-. I sell good stuff man.”

And that is not all he can access.

“Hey, you want unpasteurised? Pretty heavy stuff man. Think you can handle it?”

The Bendigo Standard asked for a price on a litre of regular full cream.

“$2.20 a litre man, $2.20 a litre. It’s good stuff. I aren’t jerking you around man. In fact, in fact, I like your face. $2.1o for you. Nobody else. I wouldn’t do that price for anybody else. $2.10.”

The Bendigo Standard enquired if this lowering is the direction milk prices are headed, as stock returns and vendors attempt to undercut each other for sales.

Mr. Hey-You-Can’t-Print-My-Name-Dude replied, “What? -sniff- I don’t know man. Look. It’s going to go up man. Okay? Take it or leave it -sniff- I aren’t got all day see. We got a deal?”

The Bendigo Standard bought the milk and is having cereal for breakfast.

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