“Babyccino’s Are Gateway to Caffeine Addiction” Says Local Mum

Five-year-old Bylan Bacardi has been a Babyccino drinker since birth. “It’s mothers milk,” he says.

“It started off as an innocent cafe stop and now he’s unable to fight his addiction” his mother Lynwell says. “Babyccino’s Are Gateway to Caffeine Addiction.”

This is a regular occurrence in local cafes and the hipster kids are asking for refills.

Local cafes are frequently frustrated by requests for highly specific off-the-menu items. “I have one customer who comes in every day and requests a babyccino, high chair and a place to park her stroller,” said an unnamed cafe owner.

Babyccino is hardly a scientific term, with customers using the word to describe the official wanky drink of hipster children.

“My child has been going to cafes since he was two months old,” said Jane Ken-Doll, a freelancer who writes Masterchef fan fiction out of coffee shops, sometimes with her nearly three-year-old son.“ ‘Coffee’ was his first word.”

Doctors say that caffeine is not healthy for kids, but being a hipster is worse than a can of soft drink.

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