Parking Cost Increase. New Parking Meters To Accept Internal Organs

Finding loose change to pay for parking in the CBD will no longer be a problem with Bendigo Council rolling out new parking meters that will allow you use your own organs and body parts to pay for parking.

The news comes after the council announced it is considering increasing parking fines.

The new machines will still allow motorists to tap or insert their card, and will still accept coins.

“We know that many people do not carry coins on them but they do have organs they’re not using. We’re talking about local trolls who lack basics such as a heart and brains.” A Bendigo Council spokesperson said.

The news comes as a shock to some locals “I already pay enough for parking, I’m literally going to have to pay an arm and a leg now just to go into JB Hi-Fi” said Sharon Gunther.

An unnamed local man said “I lost my left kidney and left testicle a while ago but I’m alright now. I guess I’m out of options, what am I supposed to do? This is discrimination.”

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