Kangaroo Sets Sights On Anthony Mundine After Enrolling In Boxing Class

A kangaroo has enrolled in a boxing class with big dreams of taking on Anthony Mundine.

Benders The Red Kangaroo said (via a translator) “I’ve been doing boxercise 2 hours a day for the past 6 months. I feel like I’m ready to roll.”

His trainer Bevan McTights said “We started with some light sparring and he picked it up straight away. He’s a natural born boxer and progressing well. His technique is great and his footwork is brilliant.”

“Skippy is my inspiration. I became a huge fan after he saved Sonny from a well,” said Benders.

Mundine has come out of retirement after 2 months which is still quicker than John Farnham.

To Benders, the match is more personal “I’m dedicating the fight to my dad who Mundine hit with his car.”

Watch Benders in action:


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