No Free Parking? Bendigo Councillors Added To Santa’s Naughty List

After hearing Bendigo Council will not be turning off parking meters in December, Santa has added every councillor to his naughty list.

“The only way for me to remove them from the naughty list is to turn off the parking meters” the jolly man said. “I fired half of my elf workforce and closed the workshop for 6 months so I know how hard its been.”

Local traders believe free parking over Christmas will increase foot traffic and help boost sales.

“Bendigo’s Councillors have been very naughty boys and girls. Bendigo’s traders have been doing it tough due to COVID restrictions,” Mr Claus said. “I know when business owners have been sleeping, I know when they’re awake, but they haven’t been sleeping much due to stress.”

Mr Claus planned to send the toe tickler to every councillor but believes coal is more effective. “No Xboxes or iPhones for them – not even a Philips Savvy. Just some coal I picked up on sale at Kmart” he said.

“If you don’t like it you can Jingle this all the way.”

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