Epsom Road Works Joins Great Wall of China As Only Man Made Structure Visible From The Moon

The International Space Station has been in contact with the Bendigo Standard.

Я не говорю по-испански,” said Russian Vodka, 38, from the Space Station.

It seems that a glancing eyeball in Earth’s direction has brought the space station’s attention to the works around White Hills.

Пожалуйста, накормите мою кошку,” said Vodka.

Very revealing.

Мы не можем увидеть большую китайскую стену,” said Vodka.

That is also true.

Юрий держится, и это не большая комната,” said Vodka.

The road works are planned to be finished in about eight years, just in time for the planned road upgrade in 2026, and the release of hovercars.

парить автомобили,” said Vodka.

Yes, hover cars, and then plasma dispensers as a means of matter redistribution.

какое время быть живым,” said Vodka.


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