22 Santas Arrested In Santa Fight Club

Undercover Police busted a Santa Fight Club last night on top of the Coles car park.

Santas from Bendigo, Ballarat, Mildura and as far away as Melbourne had been meeting together nightly to decide once and for all who the ‘King of the heap’ was.

The police were able to infiltrate the group after taking a pledge not to discuss the Santa fight club. All twenty-two Santas were arrested last night and placed on the naughty list.

Two Santas were treated for concussion after slipping on milk and cookies. One Santa almost had his face ripped off after his real beard was pulled. He was recently released from a support group for milk & cookie addiction.

The Shepparton Shopping Centre Santa was placed in intensive care after being hit with a Ballarat Santas sack. Turns out the Santa is from Sovereign Hill and his sack was filled with wooden toys.

A Santa from Horsham threw a sweet pile-driver on the Santa from Echuca while yelling “Jingle this all the way.” He was thrown in a supermarket trolley and rolled down the ramp of the car park into an oncoming car. He suffered a broken leg and mild concussion.

The Santas will remain in custody over Christmas and the new year.


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