Dog Furious It Can’t Eat Chocolate at Easter, Demands Scientific Proof

Local best mate Chewbarker has expressed outrage at being denied chocolate treats during Easter. The dog was seen protesting at a nearby park, demanding scientists present evidence to prove chocolate is harmful.

Chewbarker questioned the legitimacy of widely-accepted scientific research, which has long confirmed chocolate as toxic to dogs. “I’m a sovereign pup demanding equal access to chocolate treats. Show me the science.”

Chewbarker’s owner, who requested anonymity, stated, “He’s been watching too many conspiracy videos on YouTube. I tried to tell him the truth, but he doesn’t want to listen.”

Chewbarker’s crusade has garnered support from a fringe group of dogs, who now believe this chocolate ban is part of a larger government conspiracy. One Golden Retriever, Maximus, commented, “What’s next? No more belly rubs? We need to fight for our rights.”

In response, the scientific community has said: “While we appreciate Chewbarker’s enthusiasm, dog owners must remember to keep chocolate away from their pets, regardless of the growing canine conspiracy theories.”

The Bendigo Standard
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