V/Line Unveils “Awkward Silence” Carriage for Dad Joke Aficionados

V/Line has announced a groundbreaking new train carriage. Designed for dads who love telling cringeworthy jokes, the “Awkward Silence” carriage promises a unique experience.

Starting next month, passengers can suffer through puns and knee-slappers in a whole new way. Seating in the carriage is carefully arranged to maximize discomfort, ensuring shared groans and eye rolls. Passengers can expect to hear classics like, “Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom? Because the pee is silent” and “Dad I’m Hungry – Hi Hungry, I’m Dad”.

V/Line CEO, Tim Bentley, says the idea came from a personal experience. “I was trapped in a conversation with my dad. His jokes were unbearable. I thought, ‘Why not offer a safe space for dads to unleash their humour?'”

The “Awkward Silence” carriage boasts a state-of-the-art sound system. This ensures no one can escape the dad jokes, even if they try to block them out.

For those looking to avoid the dad joke onslaught, don’t worry. The carriage is marked with a large “Dad Zone” sign, giving ample warning to those who prefer some peace and quiet.

Despite the humour, V/Line remains serious about safety. Passengers are reminded that groaning, eye-rolling, and facepalming should be done safely and within the limits of travel regulations.

The Bendigo Standard
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