Kangaroo Flat Man Honoured for Unprecedented Myki Evasion Streak

In a stunning display of anti-establishment audacity, Bendigo’s self-proclaimed Myki Maverick, Jakxsen “The Untapped” Evans, celebrated yet another day of living life on the edge by not tapping his Myki card.

Evans has evaded authorities for an astonishing 365 days straight without ever touching on. The Kangaroo Flat man, who has become a local legend for his audacious disregard of public transportation rules, was recently honoured with the prestigious “Myki Maestro” award by the Bendigo Evasion Society.

Friends and fellow commuters are in awe of Jakxsen’s uncanny ability to outsmart the Myki system. “He’s like a ninja,” said one admirer. “I don’t know how he does it, but he manages to slip past those card readers like a ghost dressed as an eshay.”

“I’m basically a modern-day Robin Hood,” Mr Evans explained, “taking a stand against the oppressive forces of public transportation fare enforcement.”

“I’ve always believed that rules were made to be broken,” Evans declared as he proudly showed off his untouched Myki card to The Bendigo Standard. “I’ve mastered the art of blending in with the tappers. It’s been one heck of a ride!”

Evans’ achievements have sparked a wave of admiration and envy among locals, with some even considering him a role model for their own rebellious endeavours.

But for now, Jakxsen “The Untapped” Evans remains undeterred. He is a modern-day rebel without a tap.

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