Local Man Records Sound Of Fart

“Well I wasn’t doing anything special, just sort of playing with my phone, and was recording things, you know, watching the sounds, trying to burp, and then, whomp, out the arse,” said Tim Vine, 57, of Golden Square.

Yes. He’s fifty-seven.

“I saved the image it as soon as I saw it. Have a look at that spike. That’s me arse trumpet,” said Mr Vine.

Yes, fifty-seven might seem a little old to be a nuffty with a phone, and that is because it really is too old to still be a nuffty with a phone.

“I took a smell too and, yeah, it was a bit of a stinker. Pretty pleased. Showed the missus the image. She thought it was awesome,” said Mr Vine.

That’s Golden Square for you.

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