City Of Greater Bendigo Hires Kenny To Clean Public Toilets

The City of Greater Bendigo has announced the employment of Kenny the plumber to clean and maintain the public toilets.

The City Of Greater Bendigo told The Bendigo Standard “Nobody wants to touch the public toilets. We’ve had 25 cleaners quit in the past year.” According to sources, some staff were denied danger money.

“It takes a certain kind of person to do what I do,” says Kenny. “No-one’s ever impressed. No-one’s ever fascinated. If you’re a fireman, all the kids will want to jump on the back of the truck and follow you to a fire. There’s going to be no kids willing to do that with me.”

Public toilets get a workout approximately 15000 times a week. Usage quadruples during the Blues & Roots Music Festival, Easter long weekend and Food Truck Festival.

“Bendigo is well known for its gastronomical food choices and take away shops,” Kenny said. “It goes hand in hand with the toilets. You only get out what you put in.”

“Our biggest fear is that people will deliberately mess up the toilets just to meet Kenny,” a council spokesperson said.

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