Local Man creates Bendigo Have Your Say app

If you’re one the 30,000 members of Bendigo Have Your Say, chances are you see complaints about everything from neighbours dogs crapping on your lawn to traffic and local struggling businesses at least 10 times a day.

Local Man John Geraldton has come up with a solution with the official Bendigo Have Your Say app.

“If you complain about people’s crappy parking or driving on Bendigo Have Your Say, your phone automatically sends a dick pic to your mum,” Mr Geraldton said.

“I came up with the idea after a photo of my crappy parking was uploaded to Bendigo Have Your Say without my consent,” he said. “I was bombarded with abusive messages.”

Mr Geraldton believes this could end complaints about everything on Bendigo Have Your Say. “The whole site is a drive-thru window of shame.”

“Ever since I started using the app the site has its been a ray of sunshine,” he said.

The app is available now for IOS and Android.

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