Local Man Sues Hundreds-and-Thousands Believing Only 274 Exist

“There’s just not that many,” said Curtis Goodman, 27 of Golden Square.

The count on Hundreds-and-Thousands has been officially going since time immemorial.

Recently the Bendigo Standard visited the official counting room at the ACCC.

“One,” said the official Hundreds-and-Thousands counter. “Two,” he said, “Three, four, five, wait, five, six, seven, have I counted seven? Let me start again. One, two, three, four. Hi Mike how are you? Yeah still counting the Hundreds-and-Thousands. How about you? Sure. That’s grains of sand for you. Ok. Back to work I suppose. Oh shit. Where was I? Okay. One, two, three, good morning Craig. Four, five, six. Hey Jenny! Good, yeah! How are you? Yeah. Great. What are you doing tonight, I guess, I mean, yeah what are you doing tonight?”

The Bendigo Standard can report the next six minutes of audio is some guy trying to ask a woman out in a round-a-bout way.

Since this article is about Hundreds-and-Thousands we’ll cut back to that.

“One, two, three, four, purple is my favourite, three, no wait, five, six, seven, is white a flavour? Eight, nine, I’m so excited for election weekend. Eurovision is on plus the Federal Election. So much to look forward too. Oh no. Okay. Six? Darn. Okay. Start again. One, two, three, four, five…”

Some people say the official counter is not right for the job.

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