Rod Fyffe’s Southern Cross Tattoo Unveiled At Golden Square Pool

One of Bendigo’s favourite sons Rod Fyffe proudly showed off his new ink last weekend at the Golden Square pool.

The shirtless Deputy Mayor flaunted his new back ink of a southern cross tattoo to onlookers. He was proud to show off the new design on Instagram to his 2 million followers.

When The Bendigo Standard asked Mr Fyffe for a comment he said: “The southern cross is my spirit animal.”

The feedback was positive with people lined up along the poolside to get a selfie with Mr Fyffe’s new ink.

“I was gonna get ‘Fyffe Up Your Life’ tattooed but it cost too much” said Mr Fyffe. “I didn’t do this to help gain the attention of younger voters so they’ll vote me as mayor. I promise. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a tattoo needle in my eye.”

Mr Fyffe is not the first councillor to get inked. In 2017 Mayor Margaret O’Rourke accidentally got a Richmond Tigers premiership tattoo on her lower back after celebrations got out of hand. Elise Chapman had ‘I heart the Bendigo Mosque’ tattooed after the protests.

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