Bendigo Council Elections A Shambles. America: “Hold My Beer”

“We haven’t got any good candidates,” said a Bendigo voter during the recent election.

America looks sideways and raises an eyebrow,

“There are guys talking about their cars, and women explaining their use of crystals,” continued the voter.

America eases back on the barstool.

“And everyone with a vague claim of how they’re going to keep the council honest,” said the voter.

America puts a foot to the ground.

“It feels like a bunch of people who, for the most, think they know what’s best for everyone else,” the voter noticed America shuffle and step up.

America clears its throat while moving its beer across the bar.

“You know, Bendigo is pretty good. Why do these people just slag everything off?” the vote now had America face to face.

America said, “Watch this,” and before leaving added, “Hold my beer.”

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