Man Wonders If It’s Dad Shorts Weather Yet

Local Dad of 4 from Eaglehawk has asked his wife if it’s time to wear the shorts she got him from Fathers Day yet.

Gavin Bogg said “It’s supposed to be about 25 today, darl. Maybe I should chance it.”

His wife Sheila said “When he asked for the scissors to cut the tag off I thought he was kidding. I didn’t know what else to get him for Fathers Day. I should’ve got him a voucher for JB Hi-Fi.”

Gavin said “I’ve had the same 4 pairs of shorts for the past 10 years. My favourite ensemble is the cargo shorts, polo shirt and Collingwood baseball cap – it goes well with my thongs and Aviator sunnies. I’ll probably wear them to the Blues & Roots Festival next month and crush it as Festival Dad.”

The Bendigo Never Shorts Association is an organisation that is anti-men-in-shorts. They have suggested including bans and fines for showing off calves that have had no contact with the sun for 12 months or more.

BNSA spokesperson Alice Chump said “Grown men don’t wear shorts. Grown men should not show off their pasty legs and ankles for any reason. My sister went blind after her boyfriend wore bike shorts in public. He doesn’t even ride.”

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