Long Gully Rapper Learns He Ain’t As Cool As He Thought He Was

A 13 year old boy from Long Gully learned a hard lesson on life when he found out he’s not as cool at rapping as he thought he was.

The boy known to his homies as ‘Lil Gullee’ was busking in Hargreaves Mall this afternoon, kicking and busting sweet rhymes about living on the streets of Long Gully. A group of teenagers approached the boy saying his rhymes ‘sucked like a wet fart.’

This caused Lil Gullee to respond with “You ain’t know nothin” and threw a water bottle at his friends. This caused a fight to break out.

Staff from the Officeworks ran out to separate the boys. The young man’s mother who was working in the same store witnessed the accident and drove him home.

The mother was heard saying “We live in a nice house, you don’t live on the streets.” The young man responded with “Yes I does momma, you ain’t nothin’ momma.”

It turned out later on the young man was a poser and lived in Strathfieldsaye and attends a private school.

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