Ice Skating Rink In Mall Unveiled As Metaphor For Crystal Meth

Visitors flocking to Hargreaves Mall for a delightful ice skating experience are in for a chilling surprise. What seems like an innocent ice skating rink is a cleverly disguised metaphor for a different kind of “ice”.

City officials, who initially supported the ice skating rink, are shocked to learn its true purpose. “We thought it was a wholesome initiative to attract families and boost local business,” said a council spokesperson.

“People skating round and round, trapped in a cycle they can’t escape. It’s a blatant metaphor for the destructive grip of meth,” a social worker told The Bendigo Standard while attempting a triple axle.

Concerns among residents are mounting, with some questioning the city’s decision-making process. “I just wanted to take my kid’s ice skating.”

As the community adjusts to this unexpected twist, the rink continues to attract skaters of all ages with a newfound sense of irony.

In other news, the exciting new production of Bendigo On Ice debuts at Ulumburra Theatre next week.

The Bendigo Standard
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