Bendigo Reminded To Wind Clocks Forward As Daylight Savings Ends

Readers of The Bendigo Standard are reminded to wind their clocks forward this weekend as daylight savings finishes.

Digital devices synched will adjust automatically. However, gadgets without smart technology such as microwaves and toilets will need to be changed manually.

The first daylight savings was invented by Arthur Savings who created the first Fossey’s store in Germany at the turn of the last century. It became widely adopted in Australia in the 1970s as a way to help farmers and the hemp industry grow their crops.

“I’m not a farmer but I do grow fruit in my backyard,” said Eaglehawk’s Wilma Voss.

Owners of local cafe’s and coffee vans say that this is their busiest time of the year with customers needing a caffeine boost to help kickstart their extra early morning.

Local Christian Ezekiel Andrewson is going for a record 20th consecutive year of missing church after sleeping in.

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