Pinch And Punch For First Day Of The Month Ends In Bloody Mess

“She started it,” said Kymbilly Jones, 23, from Sailors Gully.

“Narr, she bloody started it,” said Jaxson-Lee Smith, 23, Maiden Gully.

In the Lansell Plaza/Square near the food court/dive a fracas erupted when one friend pinched another.

“It was real hard and that,” said Kymbilly.

“Narr, bullshit, it was nothing,” said Jaxson-Lee.

“Narr, it was real hard,” said Kymbilly.

“Narr, bullshit,” said Jaxson-Lee.

What started as a first of the month welcoming among friends turned more into a MMA fight, with added hair pulling and more mutual throat holds than ever before.

“She didn’t have to hit me so hard,” said Kymbilly.

“Oi soft cock it was nothing. Nothing like your boyfriend wouldn’t do. If you had one,” said Jaxson-Lee.

“Oh bitch,” threw down Kymbilly.

And it was on again.

The Bendigo Standard does not support violence of any kind, though the pinch and punch tradition is a great way to take out some angst against a frenemy (aka frienemy, aka friend enemy, aka dickhead you have to be nice to but don’t always).

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