Dome Sweet Dome. Elon Musk To Build Melbourne ‘Cyberdome’

BREAKING – Elon Musk has agreed to build a giant stainless steel ‘Cyberdome’ to enclose Melbourne for the next 2 years to help combat COVID-19.

The Victorian government put the call out to Mr Musk last week and he offered to do build the dome pro bono.

The 9,000 square kilometres Cyberdome will be the largest object seen from space and One Tree Hill. Melbourne is responsible for 99.9% of Victoria’s COVID cases.

Cyberdome will reach from Frankston to the Calder’s Inbound and Outbound McDonald’s on both sides. McDonald’s on both sides will only provide fries to ‘outsiders’.

Elon Musk said Cyberdome will be made from bulletproof stainless steel like Tesla’s Cybertruck and just as impenetrable. The dome will feature approximately 20 air holes at the top made with a giant knife.

Premier Dan Andrews said, “We’ve got no choice, we’ve tried everything. This is my last resort, suffocation, no breathing, don’t give a $#@& if I cut my arm, bleeding.”

The $100m dome will be manufactured in Tesla’s US factory and dropped on Melbourne next Monday morning.

Mr Andrews has agreed to allow crowds back into games once the dome has dropped. He also has promised the rest of Victoria will return to work within 2 weeks.

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