Person Goes To Mickey Mouse Hill For The View

“Used to root there. Used to root there. Got a root in that pit. Snogged on behind that bush. So many memories,” said Sam Taylor, 34, of Golden Square.

Tired of being cooped up all day, Taylor walked up the hill, and the other hill, and around the corner, then up one more bloody hill, to have a look out from Mickey Mouse Hill.

“I’ve been sitting here for about five minutes and four cars have come up, parked, stared at me, then drove away,” said Taylor.

There is some mystery surrounding Bendigo’s Mickey Mouse Hill, named after a bikie gang, or a TV show streamed from the towers, or from the shape of the antennas, who knows?

“I always thought it was pretty grouse up there, but yeah, it’s even called that on GoogleMaps, weird huh,” said Taylor.

The view is actually excellent and a nice way to end a stroll.

“We used to tell our parents that we were coming up here for the view, you know, just to get a good look, you know, rub the bonnet while getting a look, you know, and they’d believe us, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,” said Taylor.

Taylor is now a parent to a teenage boy.

“But he just stays in his bedroom using Tik Tok all afternoon,” said Taylor

Sure he is.

The end.

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