Kid in the mall says he got 6th degree black belt from watching John Wick 3 trailer

A 14-year-old boy from Long Gully learned a hard lesson on life when he found out he’s not as cool at martial arts as he thought he was.

The teenager is a self-taught martial artist who received a 6th-degree black belt after watching the trailer for John Wick: Chapter 3.

Bevan McCrawl decided to ditch school and hang out in the Hargreaves Mall this morning. He was caught in an altercation with a group of 4 kids from an opposing school and tried to take them down. He believed the bullies were responsible for the death of his dog.

McCrawl also learned how to ride a horse, use a knife and generally kick ass from the movie trailer. McCrawl’s head was flushed down a nearby toilet. They all received minor injuries from the fight.

Witnesses say he was heard yelling quotes from The Matrix and screaming “You all ain’t nothin'” as police arrived.

His mother who was shopping in the mall at the time dragged him to school by the ear.


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