Couple Named Jett and Bec Reckons They Could Do Home Reno’s After Watching The Block

A couple of local The Block fans (or ‘blockheads’) are planning to undergo their first bathroom renovation just in time for Christmas after acknowledging they have never even fixed a running toilet.

“We learned all we need from watching The Block. Scott Cam is our Sensei, we’re his students” Jett and Bec said. “If our names were, for example, Todd or Maria, we’d have no idea what to do.”

The last Australian Census revealed a spike in separations due to home renovations. The divide created while changing a shared living space so drastically can spark a downward spiral in a relationship.

“We love each other too much. We’ve been together for 2 years and still celebrate our monthly anniversaries. We’re gonna be together forever” the couple said whilst drinking their wanky $5 babyccino’s.

The Bendigo Standard advises making sure that you have all of the finances in order before beginning any home renovation. This would not be a problem as Todd is a successful End-Of-Life Coach and Maria is an Instagram Influencer.

“Nothing will¬†wreck our love… get it?” Jett said.

If the reno is not successful, the couple plans to sell up and apply to be on Tiny House Hunters.


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