Man Tells Yo Mamma Jokes For No Apparent Reason

“Yo mamma is so fat,” said Charles de Gaulle. “That when she gets in a car it looks like the air bags have gone off.”

Mr. de Gaulle was overheard mumbling one liners about the weight issues of a fictional person.

“Yo mamma is so fat,” he was heard saying. “That when she approaches England air raid sirens go off.”

The purpose of the muttering was unclear.

“Yo mamma is so fat, that she looks like three people clumped together, and not just any three people, three fat people.”

Considering the aimlessness of the ridicule, bystanders assumed it was okay to laugh.

“Yo mamma is so fat,” he said. “News programs show clips of her when talking about obesity.”

Some people sat and laughed, while others just sat.

“Yo mamma is so fat, that the smallest thing inside her is a fried chicken.”

It was an odd experience.

Very odd.

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