10 More Doughnut Shops Planned For Bendigo Marketplace

In what is dubbed the “sweetest news of the year,” local officials have announced plans to add ten more doughnut shops to Bendigo Marketplace.

Critics are raising concerns about the health implications of having so many doughnut shops in one area, but Mayor Andrea Metcalf is unfazed. “We’ve heard the concerns, but let’s be real here, who can resist a freshly baked doughnut?” she said.

“This move will create jobs and provide the people of Bendigo with an abundance of sugary delights,” she added before taking a large bite of a powdered sugar doughnut.

The new shops will offer a variety of doughnuts, from classic glazed to gourmet flavours like custard and Nutella-filled. The marketplace will soon become the go-to destination for all doughnut lovers and anyone looking to add a few extra pounds to their waistline.

The new doughnut shops will open in the next few months, and the city is already bracing itself for the inevitable sugar rush.

In the meantime, residents are encouraged to stock up on insulin and hit the gym because the doughnut takeover of Bendigo Marketplace is just getting started.

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