Exclusive: Number 42 Identified As King Of The Bins

It’s bin night in Golden Square, and only one person knows which bins to put out.

“Oh you know, the responsibility is huge but I would never have it any other way,” said Mr Williams, 47, Golden Square, number 42.

Yes the role of King of the Bins is an important one in any street.

“I ask for nothing,” said Mr Williams. “It is reward enough to know everyone get’s the right bin out.”

Though the job of knowing which bin to put out is not without its rewards.

“Sure, some weeks I put the yellow lid out when it should be the green, but that’s only after a G&T or two,” said Mr Williams.

The leader of the bins in your street is the most important person in the street.

You know it.

And they have a cleanest garden, so they are a right knob too.

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