Coles Implements A Slow Checkout Lane for Those Who Enjoy a Good Chat

In a groundbreaking move, Coles has introduced a new Slow Checkout lane for customers who love a good chat. This innovative lane caters to those who prefer to discuss the weather, politics, or their mother-in-law, rather than hurrying to bag groceries.

Coles spokesperson, Jenny Chatterbox, said, “We noticed a gap in the market. Some customers want a full conversation, while others want to grab their milk and leave.”

Customers are taking full advantage of the leisurely pace. One woman spent three hours discussing the pros and cons of reusable bags, causing the queue to stretch all the way to the frozen food aisle.

Coles aims to create a more relaxed shopping experience with the Slow Checkout lane. However, not everyone is thrilled. One disgruntled shopper remarked, “I accidentally joined the Slow Checkout lane and learned all about Tracy’s grandkids.”

Coles has employed checkout operators with a flair for gossip to make it even more appealing. Employees like Greta Gossipina are trained to discuss juicy topics and listen to customers’ thrilling tales.

Coles has plans to expand the service, including adding a dedicated “Pet Photo Sharing” checkout, where customers can swap pictures of their furry friends.

Next time you visit Coles, consider trying the Slow Checkout lane – just be prepared for a lengthy chat about grandma’s bunions.

The Bendigo Standard
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