Man Discovers Lost Treasure in Bendigo Creek, Turns Out to Be Shopping Trolley

Local man Darcy O’Queef, 35, claimed to discover a long-lost treasure in Bendigo Creek last Tuesday. The relic was unveiled as a shopping trolley, believed to be an ancient relative of the modern cart.

O’Queef, an aspiring treasure hunter, was ecstatic when he spotted the rusty metal frame. He shared his online find, prompting the town to erupt with theories about the historical value of the trolley.

“I’m pretty sure it’s from the lost civilization of Woolworthlantis,” said amateur historian and Bendigo resident Duke Mondo. “These ancient trolleys roamed the aisles of supermarkets long before we did.”

The discovery has caused a rush of tourists to Bendigo Creek, hoping to glimpse the legendary shopping trolley. Bendigo council even announced plans for a trolley-themed museum.

In response, Woolies has claimed the ancient shopping cart as its long-lost property. The store manager demanded the relic’s return, stating, “It’s a miracle! We’ve been missing that trolley for years.”

O’Queef remains hopeful that his subsequent discovery will be a genuine treasure. Until then, the town of Bendigo celebrates their newfound piece of “history.”

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