Kangaroo Flat Resident Concerned The New Epsom KFC Might Ruin His Culinary Standards

People of Epsom rejoiced this week after KFC opened its doors.

Now, locals can’t help but wonder if their KFC is ready for the intense scrutiny of the refined palate of a Kangaroo Flat culinary critic, Jack Hart.

“Sure, we’ve got two perfectly adequate KFCs right here in Kangaroo Flat, but what if Epsom KFC accidentally gives away extra nugs?” mused the self-proclaimed gastronomic trailblazer.

Sources report that the man is torn between the convenience of proximity and the fear of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on a potentially life-altering crispy experience.

“Do they even know how to deep-fry properly in Epsom?” wonders Hart. “Kangaroo Flat already has the elite status with two KFCs. I need to know if the Epsom KFC is on another level.”

More to come.

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