Remains Of George Lansell Discovered On Napier Street Upgrade

The remains of iconic Bendigonian George Lansell has been discovered during Naper Street upgrade works.

A worker digging up part of the road near Weeroona Secondary College is in shock after discovering the body. A forensic team were quick to identify him after they discovered the plans for the original Lansell Plaza.

Local historians are excited by the find. “It turns out that Lansell Plaza was supposed to be at the site where Weeroona Secondary College is now,” Tom Quinsey from the Bendigo Historical Society said. “It totally rewrites our city’s history.”

Also found on George Lansell was a diary that discussed the feud between him and Jeff Weeroona fighting over the same women and horse and buggy park.

George Lansell describes Mr Weeroona as the worst horse and buggy driver he has ever seen and “runs through many intersections without the care and safety of other road users.”

Their friendship collapsed completely after complaining about him a public notice board titled “Bendigo Have Thou Sayeth.”

George Lansell will be laid to rest at his statue in Rosalind Park.


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