Long Gully Splash Park Doubles As A Urine Recycling Centre

The Long Gully Splash Park has been secretly doubling as a urine recycling centre in a move that shocked and impressed residents.

According to park officials, the splash park’s filtration system has been specially designed to filter and purify urine, which is then reused in gardens and the splash park.

“We saw a need for a sustainable solution to the high water usage at the splash park, and urine recycling was the perfect solution,” said park manager Don Stewart. “Plus, the kids love it! They think it’s a game to see who can make the biggest splash.”

But not everyone is thrilled with the new developments, and some parents have expressed concern about the health risks of swimming in recycled urine.

“I don’t want my kids swimming in pee, no matter how clean it is,” said local mother Liz DeSilva. “I’ll be taking my kids to the public pool from now on.”

Despite the controversy, park officials stand by their decision to recycle urine, saying it’s just one small step towards a more sustainable future.

“We’re just doing our part to conserve water and protect the environment,” said Stewart. “Plus, it’s a great way to save money on water bills.”

The Long Gully Splash Park will continue to operate as a urine recycling centre, and park officials are encouraging visitors to “splash away” and “make a difference” for the environment.

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