Runaway Bull Mauls 60 During Night On The Town

A bull bashing its way through a fence and narrowly missing several spectators threatened to turn the Showgrounds into the Pamplona Bull Run at the PBR Invitational yesterday.

A witness said screams went up from the crowd when the bull smashed through the fence near the start of the event, before rushing past spectators, towards the front gates and up Arnold Street.

The bull took a scenic route via the CBD where a crowd of approximately 60 people in Bull Street were mauled.

“Bendigo’s so crap the bull didn’t want to hang around,” said one witness.

“How ironic is it that the bull ended up in Bull Street?” said another.

Sixty people were taken to hospital for injuries, one in a moderate condition and two with minor injuries. One man was impaled in his buttocks.

The bull was captured in the McDonald’s drive-thru an hour later. The owner said the bull became more stressed when it discovered the Frozen Coke machine was in defrost mode.

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